Immigration Law in Legal Recruitment

legal recruitment is the process of hiring new and qualified personnel either from within or outside of a company for a job vacancy to work at a law firm. Different people choose different specialities such as Administrative Law Regulatory Practice, Air, Sea Space Law, Antitrust Law, Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Children's Advocacy Law, Employee Benefits, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property etc. During the process of legal recruitment one should not be disqualified based on gender, race, age, tribe, criminal records etc.


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Para-legal law


A Paralegal is a person qualified through education and training to assist a fully qualified lawyer in their job. Paralegals have taken a prescribed series of courses in law and legal processes. They have knowledge of the law and procedures but are not qualified to practice unless they passed the Practising Certificate through the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR). They also have to take a number of law and legal courses which are not as demanding as the course taken by licensed attorney. The rate paid to Para-legal is less than that paid to attorneys


Legal recruitment of paralegals requires the applicant to be fully qualified with the required education, experience and certifications. One has to send in resumes to the human resource department for the recruitment process to begin. Only qualified persons will be invited for a face to face interview before the final decision is made.


Para-legal are meant to handle much of the paper work in probates of estates, investigations, analysing depositions, divorce actions, bankruptcies, preparing and answering interrogatories, procedural motions and other specialized jobs. All clients seeking services should be sure that the hourly rate charged for paralegals is much less than that for the attorneys

Immigration law


Immigration law refers to the laws made by the government for determining who is allowed to enter the country and for how long. It helps individuals to become citizens of the United States of America. The immigration law also deals and organises the procedure of how overstayed visitors will be detained and removed from the country. Their work often involves helping immigrants in other areas such as business law, commercial work, legalisation, civil liberties and human rights advocacy. They also work in large offices and law firms doing other different duties.


Legal recruitment of immigration lawyers requires one to take a degree in law and specialise in immigration. They need to obtain a law licence before starting their practice. They choose a country of specialisation, take a personality test and wait for recruiters to call them for an interview when qualified.


Lr legal recruitment


It is a body that is hired to recruit legal officers for both private and public sectors. They have been highly recommended for hiring qualified personnel in the past years. The company helps clients reduce the task of hiring on their own. Clients pay and applicants apply for the jobs while the recruiters compare and find the perfect march.


Legal recruitment like any other hiring process ensures the people hired are fit and fully qualified to serve in the position advertised. Equality should be practiced in the process.